Customer Reviews

Tom, 03/05/2021
I have used bitodia a couple of times with LTC to ABA change. After the exchange maybe 1h later I get the confirmation that the money was send. This is a good way to send money to Cambodia quick. It would be nice to add Monero XMR so I dont need to conv

Paul_Saisal, 04/03/2021
What a great Crypto exchanger Online in Cambodia. BITODIA has transparency and accountability in it's dealings Online with me and all my clients. It's fast and reliable in servicing us all.. Since I use BITODIA for all my exchange online, I Ne

_, 28/01/2021
fast and easy just transfer with aba and sent the proof and receive the eth to my wallet. Thanks

CHHONGHAK_SUN, 30/12/2020
thanks for your service.